Marriage and Couples

If The Family is the foundation of society, then The Marriage is the bedrock of the family. And the fiber that knits a committed couple together is the devotion to the priority of maintaining high levels of mutual positive regard. The melding of two people raised in two different families, different genders, possibly from two different cultures, with different relational skills, temperaments, beliefs, and aspirations must be miraculous.

Those differences grow us, but also divide us. Emotional scars from other life-eras, avoidance, insecurities, faulty habits, poor or missing skills, pride, inability to repair---all degrade positive regard, connection, and relationship satisfaction. And with that, the family as a whole suffers as well.

Therapists at Woodlands Family Institute constantly study the fine art of loving one another. Approaches to mending ailing relationships rely on carefully researched principles in areas of attachment, emotion focus, anger-management, and communication skills.

Counseling that focuses on restoring emotional attachment by building safety, security, and soothing skills can restore hope in strengthening that bedrock.