Robert Knapick, LMFT

Robert Knapick, LMFT



35+ years experience in dealing with individuals, couples, families and adolescents who are dealing with depression, anxiety, relationships and emotional conflict. Client issues range from depression, low self-esteem and relationship issues to abuse and addictions. Both adults and adolescents have benefited from various classes, programs and self-authored training programs designed to address these mental health issues.


Clients are urged to live in the here and now. The first step is to establish a healthy therapist/client relationship. The therapist and client work together to develop an effective strategic plan to address current and past issues. Education, knowledge and strategy are utilized to help the client maintain a healthy outlook and focus on life. Unless a client has been educated on tools designed to address mental health issues, most will easily revert to old habits when influenced by their families and peers.

With healthy social skills training and stress management, individuals are able to gain control of their life and deal with depression, relationship conflicts, parenting problems, anxiety and stress, addictions, internal conflicts and family issues. Once a person has acquired the necessary skills to cope and overcome their personal problems, they are better equipped to make the shift from failure to success and are more successful adapting to the subsequent change. Tools and skills provided to the client give them hope for a healthier and happier outlook on life..

Professional Background

Upon the death of my father as a teenager, an Interest in the Mind, Body and Soul drove me into the helping field. Starting at age 18, I began working with younger youth in physical sports as a recreational director. As youth worked on team building, a higher self-esteem and skills in sports and physical conditioning, parents began discussing concerns about their child and needing help their youth’s with self-esteem, communication and relationship conflicts. Education began with undergraduate work was at Houston Baptist University with a major in Psychology, Religion and a minor in Speech. The University of Houston at Clear Lake provided a masters degree in Behavioral Science with a focus on Family Therapy. Early college years focused on spiritual issues in the church. Following working with church members, I worked with individuals with chemical dependency issues. I developed a Licensed Residential Treatments Center, Intensive Outpatient Program and then worked at a Psychiatric Hospital as a therapist and interim director. Throughout my career I have had a private practice while developing numerous groups and programs designed to help individuals achieve a feeling of success and overcoming mental health issues through providing them with tools to establish a healthy self-esteem and self-image.