Liz Pollock, PhD, LMFT (Liz Pollock, PLLC)

I have been a Marriage and Family Therapist for 14 years. My approach is sincere, honest and warm. My work has an “end” in mind, and we work towards your goals.

The primary focus of my practice is couples therapy, and individuals with ADHD or ADHD-like behaviors. Specifically:

Distressed couples who want to work on their relationship.

This is traditionally known as couples therapy – with the ultimate goal typically of reducing marital distress and promoting marital satisfaction and individual well-being. My work with each couple is customized and focused on their goals. But in general this often includes discussing how emotions play out in the relationship, how problems are solved and fair fighting strategies so that win-win solutions are created.

Couples on the brink of divorce or where one partner is thinking of divorce and the other wants to work on the marriage.

This is called Discernment Counseling and is designed for couples who are considering divorce but are not completely sure that’s the best path. The goal is for couples to gain clarity and confidence about a direction, based on a deeper understanding of their relationship and its possibilities for the future. The goal is not to solve marital problems but to see if they are solvable. This protocol is typically for a maximum of five sessions.

Couples who have decided to divorce.

This is often called “closure therapy.” I work with couples or individuals to help them better understand their marriage and to gain some insights applicable to future relationships. Closure therapy is often focused on helping the couple (1) adjust to being co-parents, and (2) identify a way to work together moving forward.

Engaged or newly married couples looking to establish a strong foundation.

I use an established therapy method (called PREPARE/ENRICH) to help prepare couples for marriage and/or enrich their relationship. There are two-parts: 1) an online assessment that creates a customized report and identifies strengths and growth areas; and 2) based on the assessment, we cement strengths and work on areas of conflict or areas that seem to need growth. I typically use a set number of sessions – usually an initial assessment plus 4 or 8 sessions.

Couples who want to rejuvenate their relationship.

This is called enrichment/enhancement therapy and is for couples who are content with their relationship but feel that something is missing or want a little spice and excitement back. This work is very specific, often involves homework and is solution focused.

Individuals seeking assistance managing behaviors associated with ADHD.

I enjoy coaching people struggling with ADHD behaviors, and I provide active strategies that can be implemented right away to make a difference in people’s lives. This often helps professionals navigate work, management and relationship challenges since the process helps clients learn how to develop strategies (and eventually habits) that maximize productivity and focus.

Therapy Approach: As a Marriage and Family Therapist, I am specially trained to work with couples and families, and I feel privileged to be allowed access to the thoughts and feelings of my clients. My family systems training has given me the awareness and ability to understand the complexities of relationships, the unique dynamics within couples and families, and in true systems fashion, that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. I address a wide variety of relationship issues within the context of the family system. I primarily use experiential, cognitive-behavioral, and solution-focused therapy models. I am also trained in Discernment Counseling, and am certified as a PREPARE/ENRICH facilitator.

Professional Background: I received my BA from Rice University in History and Political Science, my Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy and my Ph.D. in Family Science from the University of Maryland. I have been a therapist in an elementary school, at a nonprofit providing services for at-risk youth and their families, led adventure therapy in the great outdoors, worked at a private psychiatry practice, and operated my own private practice for couples and families. I also had the privilege of working for many years in research supporting military families, and draw on that experience whenever possible.

Interests: I adore my family (my husband and my two little kiddos) and spend as much time with them as possible. I’m passionate about sports and exercise and years ago, I played volleyball for Rice University. Even though those days seem like a long time ago, I still try to embrace my inner athlete by biking, walking, lifting weights and playing volleyball.

Finally, one of the most important parts of therapy is the connection between the client and the therapist. I work hard to understand you (your needs, hopes, and struggles) but I do not have a one size fits all approach, since every client is unique. If you think we’d be a good fit, I look forward to meeting you!

Contact Phone No : 832-926-8118